Your Weather Observation - Station Data - Nederland, Belgien (Belgique, België), Luxembourg

Once please specify the location of your weather station. The data are stored in our database and so they mustn`t be filled out in future reports. Please remember your username and password. The observation form is only available in German language so far. An English translation is under construction.

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Information about latitude and longitude
The value of the longitude for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg is between 2 and 8 degrees east. The value of the latitude is between 49 and 54 degrees north. Please specify your location as accurate as 0.1 degree. All values are in degrees and 1/10 of a degree, not in degrees and minutes.

If you don`t know your geographical coordinates you can easily find it out at There you have to choose your country and the name of your city. Then the coordinates of your location are shown. Alternatively you can find out the values on a map.

Information about the altitude
Here you have to fill out the approximately altitude of your location above sea level in meters. You can find it out by using a map.